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Team Building Challenge!

Isle of Wight fun group activity Team Building Challenge!

Team Building Challenge!

"Choose from a wide range of instructor led activities designed to promote and foster teamwork and communication skills."

Guided by qualified instructors, students will learn how to work together to achieve common goals. Your choice of activities includes:

Blindfold Trail where students will negotiate a series of woodland obstacles whilst relying on spoken directions from other members of the group. This challenge demands concentration, self belief and trust.

Bluebeard's Quest sets students a variety of puzzles, tasks and challenges leading ultimately to the discovery of treasure. Teamwork, planning and decision making are ket to this fun pirate themed problem solving session.

Den Building involves lots of planning. Students will improvise various types of shelter with different types of equipment. They will think about who will use the shelter, how long for and what resources are available 'in the wild'.

Map Skills challenges students to navigate around a 10 acre woodland finding various checkpoints, working as a team, and using maps. It helps students develop important initiative, leadership and teamwork skills.

Raft Building is a classic teamwork challenge. Students are given barrels, wooden planks, ropes and a swimming pool. They must design and build their raft before competing in the 'Big Raft Race' against their peers.

Scramble is a physically challenging activity taking place on a purpose-build obstacle course with steep gradients. The activity is designed to encourage teams of all ages to work together and continually challenge themselves.

Finally, Smugglers is a brains -versus- brawn challenge involving teamwork, planning and decision making to achieve success in this seafaring themed problem solving session.

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Optional Catering

Catering can be arranged including hot meals, or you are welcome to bring in a packed lunch.

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Activity Location

This activity takes place in Bonchurch.

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