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Geography Galore!

Day Trip Geography Galore!

Geography Galore!

"Struggling for Human & Physical Geography teaching ideas for younger students? Southampton Water and Southampton Docks have the answer!"

We're regularly approached by teachers who are looking for inspired ways to teach human and physical geography.

Our partners Red Funnel Ferries have sponsored the production of a number of teaching resources which are ideal for solving this very problem!

Take a cruise down Southampton Water and across The Solent on a Red Funnel ferry and observe all manner of natural and human-created features, from estuaries, sandbanks and spits through to docks, ports, refineries, power stations, bridges, marinas and shore-side buildings including Netley Abbey and Royal Victoria Country Park.

Hop off at East Cowes and observe the workings of a harbour and marina, get up close with sea defences, groynes, rip-rap and breakwaters.

Or head back to Southampton and finish with a tour around Southampton Docks in your coach led by an experienced guide.

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Curriculum Matches for This Trip, including Geography
Key StageSubjectUnitResources
EnglishComing soon!
KS1Art & DesignHistory of Art & Design
KS1HistoryChronological Understanding
KS1HistoryHistory Study
KS1P.S.H.E.Working with others
Lower KS2Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
Lower KS2Art & DesignHistory of Art & Design
Lower KS2EnglishReading
Lower KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Lower KS2EnglishGrammar & Vocabulary
Lower KS2GeographyHuman and Physical Geography
Lower KS2GeographyLocational Knowledge
Lower KS2GeographyPlace Knowledge
Lower KS2GeographyGeographical Skills and Fieldwork
Lower KS2HistoryChanges in the Past
Lower KS2HistoryChronological Understanding
Lower KS2HistoryHistory Study
Lower KS2MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
Lower KS2P.S.H.E.Health and Wellbeing
Lower KS2P.S.H.E.Working with others
Lower KS2ScienceBiology
Upper KS2Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
Upper KS2EnglishSpoken Language
Upper KS2EnglishReading
Upper KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Upper KS2EnglishGrammar & Vocabulary
Upper KS2GeographyFieldwork Investigation
Upper KS2GeographyHuman and Physical Geography
Upper KS2GeographyLocational Knowledge
Upper KS2GeographyPlace Knowledge
Upper KS2GeographyGeographical Skills and Fieldwork
Upper KS2HistoryChanges in the Past
Upper KS2HistoryChronological Understanding
Upper KS2HistoryHistory Study
Upper KS2MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Health and Wellbeing
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Working with others
Upper KS2ScienceBiology
Upper KS2SciencePhysics
Upper KS2Crossover ProjectsMulti-venue Projects
KS3Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
KS3EnglishSpoken Language
KS3EnglishWriting (Composition)
KS3EnglishGrammar & Vocabulary
KS3GeographyFieldwork Investigation
KS3GeographyHuman and Physical Geography
KS3GeographyGeographical Skills and Fieldwork
KS3HistoryChronological Understanding
KS3HistoryIdeas, political power, industry and empire: Britain 1745-1901
KS3MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
KS3MathematicsWorking Mathematically
KS3P.S.H.E.Health and Wellbeing
KS3P.S.H.E.Working with others
KS3Crossover ProjectsMulti-venue Projects
KS4GeographyFieldwork Investigation
KS4GeographyHuman and Physical Geography
KS4MathematicsStatistics / Handling Data
KS4MathematicsWorking Mathematically
KS4Crossover ProjectsMulti-venue Projects
KS5GeographyFieldwork Investigation
KS5Crossover ProjectsMulti-venue Projects
Post 16GeographyFieldwork Investigation
Post 16Crossover ProjectsMulti-venue Projects

Observe dozens of different types of vessels plying their trade, from cruise ships and car transporters at one end of the size scale, through to tugs and pleasure craft at the other ... and lots of examples in between. On a good day you'll see oil tankers, container ships, warships, dredgers, ferries, catamaran and many more examples on the water.

Students can practise their use of geographical vocabulary, and start to use maps - including a specially-commissioned illustrated map of the area designed to appeal to primary students.

Identify features of the landscape, both natural and man-made. You could work with other teachers to use the trip as inspiration for English and Science tasks, too, and we have a number of activities to help you make the most of this.

It's certainly an action-packed couple of hours aboard! Unless you're on a very tight schedule you could hop off the ferry for an hour ot two once you reach East Cowes and observe the workings of the harbour and marina from the Victorian esplanade, whilst studying the uses of groynes, rip-rap, breakwaters and artificial sandbanks.

Alternatively we can arrange for your party to remain on board during turnaround which will give you 30 minutes to observe the River Medina, Cowes and East Cowes marinas in more detail.

With sufficient notice we can also arrange tours of Southampton Docks either before or after your ferry crossing. This is led by an experienced guide who will board your coach and explain how the ports work from strategic viewpoints.

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Why not make it a residential visit and take in more of the great activities on offer here on the Isle of Wight? We have lots of great value accommodation partners with facilities to suit even the youngest first-timers. Contact our friendly advisors for more information.

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