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Treetop Treat!

Day Trip Treetop Treat!

Treetop Treat!

"A unique adventurous activity with a difference! Professionally trained tree climbers will help your students ascend a huge oak overlooking The Solent."

Tree climbing is a wonderful experience for children. Each year we are amazed at the boost to the children's self esteem when they experience the thrill of reaching the canopy. We love the fact that it's not always the children who are best at things who achieve the most on a tree climb.

Sessions are delivered by experienced instructors who encourage independent learning and foster a sense of self belief. Responsible risk management is taught in a fun and safe environment, and no-one is pressured into reaching the top.

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Curriculum Matches for This Trip, including PSHE
Key StageSubjectUnitResources
EnglishComing soon!
Lower KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Upper KS2Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
Upper KS2EnglishReading
Upper KS2EnglishWriting (Composition)
Upper KS2P.S.H.E.Working with others
Upper KS2ScienceBiology
Upper KS2SciencePhysicsComing soon!
KS3Art & DesignCreativity in Art & Design
KS3EnglishWriting (Composition)
KS3P.S.H.E.Working with others

Tree climbing is undertaken in small groups and whilst waiting their turn to climb, a number of engaging educational experiences have been prepared for students to undertake in the local area if they wish.

These include a simple orienteering challenge along with some applied mathematics and biology tasks.

We believe as many people as possible should have the opportunity to experience life in the canopy. We have developed skills, systems and equipment to allow people with disabilities to climb too.

Talk to one of our friendly advisors if you have any concerns or queries.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs about Ventnor (Town)

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A: No! All the equipment you need will be provided. You need to let us know of any special needs in advance so that we can advise and prepare, but on the day all you need to bring are sturdy footwear (no open toes), long sleeves and long trousers to lessen the chance of abrasion injuries.

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