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Monkey Magic!

Day Trip Monkey Magic!

Monkey Magic!

"Your doorway to the wild and wonderful world of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom!"

Monkey Haven is an award-winning rescue centre for primates and birds of prey who are in desperate need of care and attention.

The animals housed at the sanctuary have arrived there for various reasons: they may have been bullied within their original groups, or are unsuitable for breeding programmes. Some of the raptors are injured native birds that would be unable to fend for themselves in the wild.

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Monkey Haven consistently obtains top ranking on review websites because it is a family-run attraction with passionate and knowledgeable staff.

Throughout the day there are keeper talks and demonstrations - check out the timings on arrival to make sure you take in as many as you can. They're very educational!

An onsite woodland classroom The Wise Owl Lodge seats 25-30 children in comfort and is ideal for completing activities. It also serves as an ideal spot for lunch and even has its own resident boa constrictor!

The room also features an interactive map, quiz trails and colouring fun.

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