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... Through a Teacher's Eyes

... Through a Teacher's Eyes

An interactive familiarisation guide to Osborne - through the eyes of a teacher. All the supporting information you'll need, prepared by experts.

Confidently plan school & group visits to Osborne even if you've never been before!

Scroll down to find an interactive site plan highlighting the most important educational aspects of Osborne, reviews of Osborne by experienced teachers and a list of teaching resources available here. You'll also find documents such as a sample risk assessment and other useful guides, including our detailed On The Day procedure.

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... Through a Teacher's Eyes

Interactive Site Plan

Click on the numbered sections for details including photos and video clips...

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Clickable Site Plan with video, photos and helpful information

The next best thing to undertaking your own pre-visit! Our experts have toured Osborne and have presented it "Through a Teacher's Eyes" so that you don't have to.

Mouse over the site plan and click on areas which interest you.

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Site Map Car and Coach ParkTicket Office & Gift ShopPetty Officers' QuartersThe Walled GardenThe Durbar WingThe State RoomsThe Terrace RestaurantSwiss Cottage & GardenJohn Brown's WalkThe BeachThe Family RoomsThe Terrace Gardens

There is no Teacher Map for this venue as they provide their own educational resources

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Useful Documents

Everything you need to help you plan a school trip to Osborne. Click to download any document as a PDF.

The following documents should prove useful to those planning a group visit to Osborne

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Venue Risk Assessment
Osborne sample risk assessment

Venue Overview
Osborne venue overview

"On The Day" Procedure
Osborne on the day procedure for school groups

Health & Safety Guide

A Teacher's Perspective...

We asked a teacher who visited Osborne recently to share some insights about their experience.

Hopefully this will help you decide whether this venue is suitable for your own group.

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By Spencer Brown | Secondary History Teacher

As home to one of the most well-known Queens of England, Osborne house and estate has a lot to offer educationally. Albert was a great forward thinker and this is apparent across the estate.

This provides many possible curriculum links across numerous subjects including:

KS1: Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.
KS1: Changes beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally.
KS1: The lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements.
KS2 & 3: A local history study.
KS2 & 3: A study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils' chronological knowledge beyond 1066.
KS3: Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain, 1745-1901.

Use the gardens to find out more about living things and their habitats

Use the house and grounds as inspiration for the pupils to record their observations in sketchbooks, journals and other media as a basis for exploring their ideas.

Free self-led Visit

Enjoy a free education visit and design your own day to suit your curriculum needs. Explore the house and grounds, including the beach and the Swiss Cottage. The Swiss Cottage Museum collection forms the inspiration for an Enquiry Visit, during which pupils become story-tellers writing their own tales of Victorian explorers and collectors and the weird and wonderful treasures they found while travelling the world.

Or book our Story Mat session, during which volunteers use a beautiful textile map of the Isle of Wight to tell the story of the royal children and how they collected bits of geology for their museum at Swiss Cottage.

Hands-on Discovery Visits

Choose a hands-on workshop led by the formidable (and wonderful) costumed interpreter Mrs Pilkington. During the session your pupils will step into the world of a servant and discover what life was like below stairs. At just £100 per session (max 40 pupils) the workshop has been specially developed to meet the needs of the different key stages to really enhance your visit.

Don't miss:

Nearby are Carisbrooke Castle and Yarmouth Castle. Why not book a visit with your class and discover all that English Heritage has to offer on the Isle of Wight.

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