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Wight Warriors Speedway

Want to do something totally different on your next trip? How does an evening of speedway (motorbike dirt track racing) grab you?

We were dubious too until we started to take groups along to the Wight Warriors stadium - most Thursday evenings during spring and summer - and realised that every single group was having a brilliant time!

As special guests of the Warriors, the student cohort will get backstage passes to meet the riders and their machines before the event. Then its indoors for a burger and a drink, before cheering on the racers as they undertake a series of events against a mainland team.

It's surprisingly good fun!

Best Suited To

Speedway with Wight Warriors is best suited for children 7 years and up as well as adults

Speedway with Wight Warriors is great for all ages, but perhaps a little overwhelming for the very youngest visitors

Include Speedway with Wight Warriors in your next Isle of Wight school trip!

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