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Upper KS2 Mathematics

"African Adventure Challenge!"
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"African Adventure Challenge!"
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Students are asked to estimate and research data for animals using their experiences at Robin Hill as their stimulus material.

Contextual Summary

This is an on-site and post-visit maths resource that engages students with their visit to Robin Hill Country Park. The resource task enables them to practise estimation and measuring skills as well as researching and recording data. Students are asked to estimate and research data for animals using their experiences at Robin Hill as their stimulus material.

Key Skills Practised
  • Estimation of measurement to the nearest half metre or metre
  • Estimation of measurement in cm or the nearest 10cm up to 50cm
  • Measuring height and length using a metre length
  • Researching numerical data (possible conversion of units for high ability)
  • Ordering numbers with decimal places
  • Recording data on a bar chart
Learning Opportunities


Before the visit, students should understand how to estimate to the nearest half a metre (upper KS2) or metre (lower KS2) with estimation to nearest 10cm, or closer, up to 50cm. This can be practised around the classroom. They will need to understand ways of recording this i.e. as mixed number fractions, decimals (0.50m) or to the nearest 50cm. Depending on their level of understanding, pupils should be aware of how they will be expected to record their estimates when on the visit. „ Students could also be asked to mark on a high wall the estimated heights and lengths of some of the animals. They should not be accessing the actual measurements at this stage otherwise the on-site estimation task will lose its value.


Completion of the Maths resource/s linked to this document


In class, students should be given an opportunity to review the estimations of animal heights they made prior to the visit. More accurate measurements could be made and recorded on the wall. „ Students will then move on to investigate data regarding the animals seen during their visit. Once collected, this data should be ordered highest to lowest and then recorded on a chart e.g. a bar chart.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate their thinking, estimating, and measuring skills. They will demonstrate evidence of research skills and various skills in the handling of data.

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