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Upper KS2 Science

Properties and Changes of Materials
"Fossils - Clues from the past"
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"Fossils - Clues from the past"
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This is a curriculum-based Science resource that enables students to learn how fossils are formed, and how sedimentary rocks are important in the fossilisation process. The resource highlights the processes of change involved, and highlights type of fossils other than dinosaur-related ones. Students engage with one type of fossil and this could be the foundation for further fossil studies or projects back in the classroom.

Contextual Summary

The resource links to fossils found on the Isle of Wight specifically, ensuring relevance on the visit for students whilst ensuring the wider curricular relevance is maintained.

Key Skills Practised
  • Understanding of the process of fossilisation
  • Interpretation of ammonite or other fossil information
  • Identifying characteristics of an organism through study of their fossil
Learning Opportunities


This resource could be used as a prompt for pre-visit research, but is designed to work in conjunction with the museum visit.


Completion of the resource/s linked to this document: Fossils: Clues from the past


Follow-up tasks could include: whole class discussion about the responses to the questions; groups presenting back their collated responses to the class; projects on Isle of Wight fossils or a specific organism of particular interest

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to understand the fossilisation process in relation to the Isle of Wight and its fossil richness, identifying key stages of fossilisation, and considering their own and others’ interpretation of what fossils can tell us about living organisms.

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