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"Spoken Announcements Study "
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"Spoken Announcements Study "
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Whilst on board, students will listen carefully to any announcements which are delivered over the public address system and record any key vocabulary which is specific to maritime travel. The resource task will also enable them to acquire a knowledge of the linguistic conventions of spoken language as they will later carry out a study of one of the announcements, which will have been delivered on board.

Contextual Summary

Prior to their visit, children may have recapped the differences between standard and non-standard English (which will have been introduced in key stage two). They may also have investigated the differences between formal and informal registers. When pupils arrive back at school, they will be provided with a transcript of one of Red Funnel’s spoken announcements. They will complete an analysis of the text (see activity resource sheet) and discuss why a safety announcement has to be delivered in this format.

Key Skills Practised
  • Understanding the linguistic conventions of spoken language
  • Adapting language and style in a range of contexts
  • Writing for a specific audience/purpose
Learning Opportunities

Students listen to the content of spoken announcements and record key words and other relevant information.


„ Students study the spoken word in context. „ They recognise how standard English and formal registers are used for a specific purpose. „ They will know how language and organisational features present meaning.

Learning Outcomes

Students will recognise the features (and structure) of spoken announcements. They will demonstrate their understanding of standard English/use of formal tone. Students will demonstrate their skills of communication.

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