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Advertising - Can you design?
"Can you design?"
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"Can you design?"
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This task asks students to consider how the past has been represented, and to contribute to this by designing their own railway advertisement or brochure. They will have the Isle of Wight Steam Railway brochure and some old Southern Railway advertising images as inspiration. They should sketch ideas at the railway during their visit.

Contextual Summary

This is a design/writing task that enables students to reflect on the appearance of the railway and its authenticity. On their visit it is anticipated that students will notice the old-style advertising posters, signs, and styles of furniture and design.

Key Skills Practised
  • Awareness of audience and purpose
  • Using a source for inspiration
  • Crafting skills in writing and creative design
  • Using purposeful images
  • Appreciation of how to represent the past
Learning Opportunities


There is an opportunity here to look at the design and language of advertising and how it has changed over time. Students can look at the language and style of Edwardian and Victorian adverts and brochures generally, perhaps with a focus on travel. Students can then be prepared to collate the style and design information on offer at Isle of Wight Steam Railway, in order to get the most out of this task. Students should be made aware to notice the styles of advertising and design around the Isle of Wight Steam Railway when they visit. They should be prepared to sketch out ideas on-site.


Looking at style, design and advertising on display around Isle of Wight Steam Railway, as preparation for the completion of the task/resource


Completion of the task/resource linked to this document

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate that they can use language for a particular audience and purpose (to inform and persuade), on a focused theme, and with an emphasis on accuracy and the representation of the past. Students will demonstrate that they can collate information and produce a new text from it. They will reflect on their experience at the railway, and practise selling it to others, by creating an advertisement in the style of the past. They are practising their design skills to engage with the tourism-focused and historical aspects of the railway.

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