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KS3 Mathematics

Statistics / Handling Data
Dinosaur Data!
"Dinosaur Data Challenge!"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
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"Dinosaur Data Challenge!"
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102221 - Lower KS2 Mixed Ability

102222 - Upper KS2 Mixed Ability

102223 - KS3 Mixed Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]


Student tally the students' favourite dinosaurs from the Isle of Wight, and enter their results into a bar graph and pie chart, before answering questions on key aspects of the results.

Contextual Summary

This is a curriculum-based mathematics resource that enables students to practise their tally skills, understanding frequency and presenting their collated statistical data through the use of graphs, including pictograms, bar graphs and pie charts. The skills required to undertake the task are core to curriculum areas within mathematics.

Key Skills Practised
  • Practising tallying skills
  • Collating and presenting statistical data
  • Drawing conclusions from their results
Learning Opportunities


Preparation for the visit, work on the skills for this resource: tallying, recording data, frequency, use of pictograms, pie charts and bar charts, etc.


Completion of the resource linked to this document: Dino Data Challenge!

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to understand the process of obtaining information then transforming it into statistical data before presenting it in an appropriate graph or chart. They will show understanding of potential reasons for their results. They will have practised tallying skills, collation and presentation skills, and will demonstrate accuracy in drawing conclusions from their results.

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