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KS4 Media Studies

Media Skills
Pre-production Planning Skills
"Media Marketing Challenge! Storyboarding and Planning an Ad Campaign"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
Resource Title
"Media Marketing Challenge! Storyboarding and Planning an Ad Campaign"

Students design their own advertisement for the sister parks Blackgang Chine and Robin Hill (or one park if desired). This includes scripting / storyboarding of a TV/Viral advert, in addition to the production of a print advertisement - both for a specific audience.

Contextual Summary

This is a Media Studies resource that engages students with their visit to Blackgang Chine theme park (and links to the sister park Robin Hill). The resource task enables them to practise their planning skills relating to marketing and advertising for a specific audience and sector. Students are asked to research current marketing presence for the park as a pre-visit task, then during and after their visit they devise and present planning for an advertising campaign for one or both parks.

Key Skills Practised
  • Investigating marketing
  • Selecting images for advertising purposes
  • Creating new ideas from external stimuli
  • Collaborative working
  • Writing to persuade
  • Responding to others critically
Learning Opportunities


Students research the current marketing for Blackgang Chine theme park (and its sister park Robin Hill); this should include the website, posters, leaflets etc. Some of these are included in the student resource pack.


Students may take pictures or notes at the park/s.


Students produce their script, storyboard and print media materials, and complete presentation and response.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate their research and planning skills in terms of marketing. They will show evidence of planning, creative thinking, collaborative working and time management as well as showing that they can make language choices to persuade. Students will respond to the work of others in a critical way giving appropriate feedback.

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