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Red Funnel Ferries

Resource ID 107591

KS5 Geography

Fieldwork Investigation
Isle of Wight Coastal Trail
"IW Coastal Trail - KS5 - Ventnor"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
Resource Description
"IW Coastal Trail - KS5 - Ventnor"
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107591 - KS5 Mixed Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]

107592 - KS5 Mixed Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]

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107594 - KS5 Mixed Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]

107595 - KS5 Mixed Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]

107596 - KS5 Mixed Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]

The resources cover six different locations around the island, and allow students to study a variety of different human and physical geography topics. All of the resources are closely linked to the different specifications for Geography at A level.

Contextual Summary

• A case study of a multi-engineered coastline • The need for coastal protection in this location, what an SMP is, and the SMP strategy in place here • Investigating a wide range of hard engineering strategies

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