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Red Funnel Ferries

Resource ID 107604

KS5+ Geography

Fieldwork Investigation
Isle of Wight Coastal Trail
"IW Coastal Trail - Family/General Interest - Part 1 - Alum Bay"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
Resource Description
"IW Coastal Trail - Family/General Interest - Part 1 - Alum Bay"
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107606 - Mixed Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]

This resource is classed as General Interest and is especially suitable for lifelong learners and family groups. There are 12 different locations around the coast of the island to explore. The resources in the pack will allow you to learn a little about the geography of each location, and there are activities incorporated into each to help you to experience and enjoy what each location has to offer.

Contextual Summary

Learn about the geology of Alum Bay. Look at tectonic and climatic processes that have led to the structure/planform of this stretch of coastline. See evidence for processes of erosion and mass movement taking place today, including erosional landforms (the Needles).

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