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The Dinosaur Farm is a field centre based on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight displaying fossils recovered predominantly from the local beaches, cliffs and fields.

The centre also features a number of examples of paleoart giving a slightly unusual twist to the usual museum format.

Expert-led beach fossil hunting expeditions are also organised from the centre, usually on a local beach but sessions can be set up anywhere on the Island.

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Dinosaur Expeditions is suitable for all ages

Dinosaur Expeditions is ideal for all ages

Dinosaur Expeditions FAQs

Here's some of the most frequently-asked questions about school visits to Dinosaur Expeditions, posed by teachers and other group leaders

Are there any special requirements?

Obviously for the beach part of the visit there's a chance of getting wet or sandy, so we recommend wellies or a pair of old shoes/trainers for this along with a spare pair of socks in one's rucksack just in case. Whilst the fossil hunt can be modified or curtailed in really bad weather, this is very unusual. They generally do go ahead in 'normal' rain so a quick check of the forecast is a good idea and come prepared. The biggest safety concern is of course tidal conditions and wind.

How much time should we allow for a visit?

We normally allow a half day for a visit to the Dinosaur Farm plus a beach fossil hunt. Many groups split the day with Tapnell Farm or The Needles which are both a short drive from the farm.

How does payment work?

We will pre-book your visit for you and your entry charges will be paid directly by Education Destination. All you need to do is show up at the agreed time, line the kids up outside, identify yourselves to staff and you'll be handling dinosaur poo in no time!

Is there somewhere to eat lunch?

There's plenty of outdoor space at the farm, and indoors there's chairs and tables in one part of the gallery used for hands-on activities that can also double as a lunch space.

What about toilets?

There are toilets at the Dinosaur Farm and there are public toilets (civic amenities) close to the usual beach fossil hunt site.

Educational Resources for Dinosaur Expeditions

The following Dinosaur Expeditions educational resources are FREE to use when you book your trip with Education Destination. Some include pre or post-visit classroom work, others are on-site activities. All are accompanied by detailed Teacher Notes and some even have sample lesson plans!

Prepared by our expert team of teachers with local Island knowledge, each resource addresses a specific National Curriculum topic. Click on any image for full details.

Dinosaur Expeditions is proud to be part of the Island Classroom

Include Dinosaur Expeditions in your next Isle of Wight school trip!

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