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KS3 Science

"Weigh a Dinosaur!"
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"Weigh a Dinosaur!"
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This is a curriculum-based science resource that enables students to conduct a two-stage experiment: firstly to record the dimensions of an actual footprint cast; secondly to undertake a classroom experiment that determines an approximate mass of the animal. The resource highlights how force and pressure combined with geological states and the sedimentary preservation process results in a footprint from which a cast can reveal much about the weight, size and features of the footprint owner.

Contextual Summary

The resource links to dinosaurs found on the Isle of Wight specifically, ensuring relevance on the visit for students whilst ensuring the wider curricular relevance is maintained.

Key Skills Practised
  • Understanding how to calculate pressure from given force and area
  • Debating and reasoning skills based on result
  • Calculation of mass
Learning Opportunities


Preparation for the recording of information on the footprint.


Completion of the on-site section (step 1) of the resource/s linked to this document: Weigh a Dinosaur!


Completion of the post-visit section (step 2) of the resource/s linked to this document: Weigh a Dinosaur!

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to understand the process of working out a mass from the cast of a dinosaur footprint. They will show understanding of how pressure from a given force and area can provide information about an entire animal’s physical characteristics. They will use debating and reasoning skills by looking at their results and considering variables or potential problems with the accuracy of their calculations.

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