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KS4 Science

Motion and Force
"Motion and Force at Robin Hill"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
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"Motion and Force at Robin Hill"
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During their visit students can calculate the acceleration of the toboggan ride. Students can then represent their toboggan journey on a velocity-time graph. Back at school students could practise their ‘Working Scientifically’ skills by investigating the acceleration of various model toboggans.

Contextual Summary

This resource is for students at key stage 4 and relates to the ‘Motion and Forces’ part of the Science National Curriculum, focusing on acceleration caused by forces, the quantitative relationship between acceleration, change in velocity and time. The tasks link to various activities at Robin Hill, specifically to the Toboggan Run.

Key Skills Practised
  • Carrying out calculations
  • Transposing formula
  • Application of knowledge
  • Manipulating data into a graphical form
  • Working scientifically
  • Recording and using data
Learning Opportunities


It is suggested to teachers that students be introduced to velocity and acceleration prior to the trip


After their visit students can practise their ‘Working Scientifically’ skills by carrying out a practical investigation into their experience of the Toboggan Run - they could investigate the acceleration of various model toboggans

Learning Outcomes

Students will use the equation acceleration = change in velocity (m/s) ÷ time taken for the change (s) to carry out their calculations. Students will apply their knowledge to complete velocity-time graphs.

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