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Lower KS2 P.S.H.E.

Working with others
"Donkey Sanctuary Treasure Hunt!"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
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"Donkey Sanctuary Treasure Hunt!"
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104011 - Lower KS2 Mixed Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]

This resource is out of date

On 13/12/2021 we identified that this resource is outdated, however it is still relevant to the curriculum or frequently taught topics and as such we are making it available to educators who may wish to base an activity or task on its contents.

As many of the donkeys referred to are no longer at the Sanctuary, this resource is now out of date and will be refreshed at a future date. The Donkey Sanctuary may have an up-to-date equivalent resource to offer schools.


This is an engaging treasure hunt style resource that challenges students to investigate and discover facts and information about the sanctuary, their donkeys, the donkeys’ lives and characteristics, etc.

Contextual Summary

This mixed ability resource is designed ideally for students of various abilities to work as part of a pair or team, moving around the sanctuary to find the required information by reading, listening or asking questions. Worksheets could be completed independently if required by the teacher.

Key Skills Practised
  • Working together
  • Asking questions / finding information
  • Literacy skills (reading and listening)
  • Synthesising information
Learning Opportunities


No pre-visit learning necessary, although research on donkeys, or the IW Donkey Sanctuary and its history would be both useful and interesting for students as preparation.


Completion of the ‘Treasure Hunt’ PSHE resource linked with this document


Students could perhaps work together on a donkey-based project at school, based on the information they have learned whilst at the IW Donkey Sanctuary.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate their reading and listening skills. They will demonstrate their understanding of the IW Donkey Sanctuary and features of its donkey population. Students will work together towards a goal or specific purpose.

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