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Upper KS2 English

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"The Romans at Robin Hill"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
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"The Romans at Robin Hill"
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Students read information on the history of Combley Villa (on the site of the Robin Hill park), and interpret information known about its features and process of excavation. They can show understanding by responding to questions on the text. An extension task enables them to use crossover History skills to produce a timeline of the villa's history and make links with Roman life in Britain generally.

Contextual Summary

This pre-visit activity enables students to engage with a venue- relevant text, encouraging them to practise their reading and comprehension skills. The main focus of the task is reading for information, and being able to synthesise and summarise their understanding. The task links to specific information about the features of the Roman villa found at Combley (now the site of the park). Students read a fact sheet on the history of the villa including its excavations and discoveries, and they answer questions on the content. The resources available are relevant to students in both lower and upper years of key stage 2 (years 3-6). There is a crossover with the subject History due to the topic contained within the text.

Key Skills Practised
  • Reading for meaning and information
  • Interpretation skills
  • Summarising skills
Learning Opportunities


Completion of the English: Reading - Comprehension resource/s linked to this document


Activities could be completed on-site if a suitable space could be found, however this resource is designed as a pre-visit classroom or homework activity.


This task could be completed post-visit if required.

Learning Outcomes

The task will prepare students for visiting the park and gardens as they will have gained an insight into the historical learning they could undertake there, enriching their entire experience.

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