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"Be Comprehensive! Discover Red Funnel."
Key Stage ED Squirrel
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"Be Comprehensive! Discover Red Funnel."
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107531 - KS3 Low Ability

107532 - KS3 High Ability [THIS DOCUMENT]


Pupils will read a press release/article about Red Funnel supporting the work of a local resident who is raising money for charity. It provides information about the individual and includes quotations from the CEO of Red Funnel and the charity fund raiser. After reading the article, pupils will answer a range of questions regarding the article’s content.

Contextual Summary

This is a pre- or post-visit English resource that engages students with their visit to Red Funnel ferries. The resource task extends children’s knowledge of Red Funnel’s involvement with the local community. The task enables them to develop their reading comprehension skills which will be relevant to the curriculum at key stage 3

Key Skills Practised
  • Comment on an author's language choices
  • Retrieve information from the text
  • Comment on the selection of information within the article
  • Use evidence to justify their views
  • Use skills of inference
  • Explain their opinions and reasoning
Learning Opportunities

Students could complete this resource post-visit to enrich their visit and gain a further understanding of Red Funnel as a company, and their support of local people and their charity work. They will be developing skills when responding to a non-fiction text.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate various reading skills: e.g. reading of texts for meaning and for specific information. They will summarise and present information from the text in their own words, and respond to specific questions. Students will demonstrate their skills when answering questions of a varying complexity. They will demonstrate their understanding of non-fiction texts.

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