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"Dino Design Challenge!"
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"Dino Design Challenge!"
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This is a writing task that enables students to reflect on their learning at Dinosaur Isle, and to consider how they would persuade others to visit. On their visit it is anticipated that students will gain an excellent understanding of what the area has to offer in terms of dinosaur-related activities; it is the most important location in Europe for dinosaur fossils.

Contextual Summary

The task asks students to consider what they have seen and what they have learned at Dinosaur Isle, and to write to inform and persuade by designing their own tourist advertisement or brochure. They will have the Dinosaur Isle brochure and they will have their knowledge from their talk and tour, as well as the fossil walk, if undertaken. Students could also use the Dinosaur Isle website for further information, and to remind them of how the museum looked, etc. Teachers could ask students prior to the visit to pay attention to the key aspects of the museum – what there is to see and do.

Key Skills Practised
  • Writing in a particular form for audience and purpose
  • Writing to persuade
  • Writing to inform
Learning Opportunities


There is an opportunity here to look at the language of advertising, and how it is used in tourism specifically. Students can look at the language and style of tourist adverts and brochures generally, perhaps with a focus on the Isle of Wight, or perhaps UK museum destinations. Students can then be prepared to respond appropriately to the learning and activities they undertake at Dinosaur Isle, considering those aspects they can ‘sell’ in their brochure or advert, in order to get the most out of this task.


Students should be aware of the learning, activities, and fun aspects undertaken during their tour of Dinosaur Isle, as preparation for the completion of the task.


Completion of the task / resource linked to this document

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate that they can use language for a particular audience and purpose (to inform and persuade), on a focused theme, and with an emphasis on encouraging visitors to the Isle of Wight to learn about dinosaurs and how they lived. Students will demonstrate that they can collate information and produce a new text from it.

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