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General Writing for Purpose and Audience
"Rainforest Leaflet Challenge"
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"Rainforest Leaflet Challenge"
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At the park, students will read and select information on rainforests and their importance. Students will record relevant information for an explanatory leaflet that will be completed back at school. This will inform and persuade the reader about what they can do to help the rainforest.

Contextual Summary

This English resource covers several stages to a finished product, starting on site at Amazon World Zoo Park, and finishing in the classroom at school. It is intended to focus students on the selection and recording of information for an explanatory leaflet that will be completed back at school. The end product could easily be changed, for example, to a flier, web page or email. Activities are designed to appeal to students of all abilities in key stage 3 (years 7-9).

Key Skills Practised
  • Selecting relevant information for purpose
  • Note taking/recording
  • Summarising and organising written material
  • Supporting ideas and arguments with necessary factual detail
  • Considering audience and purpose
  • Drawing on knowledge of literary devices.
Learning Opportunities


Some research on understanding of where the tropical rainforests are situated and the scale of the mass destruction of certain areas would be of some benefit.


There are a variety of ways that students will be finding and selecting information: from their own observations to identifying displays and information boards with relevant details. They will also be making their own connections and judgments.


Students complete their leaflet back in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to consider audience and purpose. They will be taking a particular viewpoint and will select appropriate factual detail to support this, presenting it in an appropriate format.

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