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Lower KS2 English

Writing (Composition)
Writing Poetry
"Weather Wizard: Create your own weather-based poem!"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
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"Weather Wizard: Create your own weather-based poem!"
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Please be aware...

On 13/12/2021 we identified that this resource may be outdated:

This attraction is no longer open at Blackgang Chine. However, students could still read the poem and undertake the activities as a pre-visit or post-visit task.


Students read the Weather Wizard's poem about the weather, identify the use of rhyme, then plan and write their own weather poem.

Contextual Summary

Students can identify rhyming words and rhyme scheme within the Weather Wizard poem at Blackgang, and then craft their own poem using the original as inspiration.

Key Skills Practised
  • Reading skills (identifying structural features of language)
  • Showing an understanding of form and effect
  • Writing and crafting skills
Learning Opportunities


The questions could be discussed in class prior to the trip so students are aware that they need to read the poem in the Weather Wizard attraction during their visit.


Visiting the Weather Wizard attraction at Blackgang Chine and reading of the poem.


Completion of the English Reading & Writing resource/s linked to this document

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate that they can identify simple rhyming words (pairs) and rhyme schemes used by the poet (as applicable to the resource ability level). Students will practise their planning and crafting skills relating to poetry.

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