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KS4 Geography

Human and Physical Geography
"The Changing Coast at Blackgang Chine"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
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"The Changing Coast at Blackgang Chine"
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Students investigate the coastal processes evidenced at Blackgang and the surrounding coastline, and consider causal factors and physical/ human effects. The resource incorporates pre-visit research, on-site investigation and post-visit annotation of photographs and analysis of findings.

Contextual Summary

The resource task enables students to develop their knowledge of the physical processes taking place in the Blackgang Chine park and environs, e.g. coastal erosion. The resource promotes pre-visit discussion and research, on-site investigation in processes evident at the park, the use of geographical vocabulary, and post-visit summary of findings and predictions.

Key Skills Practised
  • Geographical enquiry skills
  • Understanding key processes in physical geography (rocks, weathering and soils; weather and climate)
  • Extracting information from various sources and making relevant notes
  • Labelling and annotation of photographs
  • Describing, analysing and interpreting evidence.
Learning Opportunities


Students will research the Isle of Wight coastal zone and key processes that take place there. „ They make notes on what they may expect to find at Blackgang in terms of the coastal landscape.


Record their observations using notes and photographs (for later collation/annotation)


Students summarise their observations and drawing conclusions. They may complete a annotated photographic summary of their findings linked to evidence of processes seen at the site.

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain an understanding of the physical coastal processes affecting the south coast of the Isle of Wight, specifically the Blackgang area. They will consider the human impact. They will develop their skills of collation and evaluation, and will draw detailed conclusions based on their notes.

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