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"Southampton: Gateway to the World!"
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"Southampton: Gateway to the World!"
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Students will learn about the human characteristics of a specific coastal environment (Southampton Port/Water) and consider why and how it developed in this location, relating their ideas to the physical geography of the area. They will conduct simple fieldwork while on the ferry to make observations about the different types of human activities they can see taking place, and practice applying geographical terminology correctly to record their observations. Once back at school, students will be able to develop their ideas further, by considering the links between the physical geography of the area and how this has provided favourable conditions for the development of certain human activities.

Contextual Summary

This is a geography resource which engages students with the environment of Southampton Water, whilst on their Red Funnel ferry journey across to and/or from the Isle of Wight. It includes pre-visit, on-site, and post-visit activities. This resource focuses on the human geography of the settlement of Southampton, the development of the port and the economic activities taking place there. However, an understanding of how the physical geography of the area led to the development of human activities here is incorporated into the pre-visit activity. The resource task is aimed at investigating the development of Southampton as a major UK port, and looking at the wide variety of different economic activities which take place there in order to gain an understanding of the port’s significance locally, nationally and internationally. The pre-visit activity uses historical mapping alongside current maps and aerial/satellite imagery to look at why the settlement of Southampton developed here in the first place, and then consider how it has grown over time. On the ferry, students will then focus on the different types of economic activity taking place in the area by looking for evidence of each type as they travel down/ up Southampton Water. The resource then introduces the concept of the multiplier effect and students will start to appreciate the wider importance of the port on a local, regional, national and international scale.

Key Skills Practised
  • Understanding key processes in human geography (economic activity)
  • Geographical skills of observation, analyzing images and using maps to locate and transfer information
  • If available, the use of GIS to interpret information.
Learning Opportunities


A good stimulus for starting the topic is the ‘Gateway to the World’ poster designed by Southern Railways - the link for this can be found by going to and entering the code for this document (10720). „ Students will familiarize themselves with the geography of the area, and use historical as well as present- day maps to investigate the growth and development of the settlement and port of Southampton.


Students complete the post-visit activity, looking at the arrivals and departures for the port of Southampton, in order to gain an understanding of its international importance.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to describe the location of Southampton, and explain the site and situation factors which contributed to its growth and development. Students will gain an understanding of the different economic activities taking place on and around the port and Southampton Water. Students will gain an understanding of the ways in which these economic activities contribute to economic development on a local scale , and then consider the wider economic importance of Southampton Port on an international scale.

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