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KS3 Geography

Human and Physical Geography
"Interactions: The Geography of Defence!"
Key Stage ED Squirrel
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"Interactions: The Geography of Defence!"
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This is a geography resource which engages students with the human and physical geography of Portsmouth Harbour and the surrounding area of the Solent, while on their ferry crossing to/from the Isle of Wight.

Contextual Summary

This resource focuses on students learning about the physical and the human characteristics of the geography of the settlement of Portsmouth and the wider area on this stretch of the Solent coast. The resource leads students through knowing what the key terms associated with the topic area are, and understanding what they mean. Map work and photo interpretation allows students to examine the physical and human geography of the site and situation of Portsmouth before their ferry trip. They also learn a little about the history of the development of the naval base/port here, and the building of various defences in, and on the shores of, the Solent.

Key Skills Practised
  • Understanding key processes in physical geography (climate change, coasts)
  • Understanding key processes in human geography (settlement, human activities)
  • Conducting fieldwork by making observations and applying their observations to specific tasks
  • Map work, photo interpretation and use of GIS
  • Development of literacy skills
  • Carrying out independent as well as group activities.
Learning Opportunities


Students will learn what the key terms (physical and human Geography, site and situation) mean, and will also learn about the characteristics of Portsmouth as a settlement and also Portsmouth Harbour and Naval Port and the wider Solent.


Students will make observations from the ferry in order to understand the physical and human geography of Portsmouth, and Portsmouth Harbour specifically, and the wider Solent area.


Students use a simple GIS mapping site to investigate vessels present, and their movements, in the Harbour and its ‘routes’ into the Solent. They will carry out activities to summarise what they have learned.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to define what physical Geography and Human Geography is, and also the terms ‘site’ and ‘situation’. Students should be able to describe the physical and human geography of Portsmouth Harbour and the surrounding area of the Solent, including the role of defence both past and present. Some students will be able to describe and explain the interaction between the physical and human geography of the area. Students will make and record observations about what the harbour and Solent is like, both the physical and the human features Students will use GIS to investigate vessel movements and use this to comment on the importance of Portsmouth Harbour.

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